Łaszewski, Stefan

Stefan Łaszewski (1862-1924). Polish lawyer and judge, 1912-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire
Stefan Łaszewski (1862-1924). Polish lawyer and judge, 1912-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire

Łaszewski, Stefan (Stefan von Laszewski), 1912-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire. *8.1.1862 Bruchnowko/Brąchnówko near Culmsee/Chełmża, †20.3.1924 Warsaw, lawyer, judge. After attending the archiepiscopal grammar school Collegium Marianum in Pelplin and the grammar school in Culm/Chełmno he studied law at the universities in Breslau and Berlin. In 1886 he was made a Doctor of Law at the University of Leipzig. From January 1892 he was the court assessor in Neustadt/Wejherowo, and from June 1992 a lawyer in Graudenz. He made a reputation for himself as the defender of Poles in Prussian law courts, including the editors of the Gazeta Grudziądzka/Graudenz Newspaper. He was a lieutenant colonel of the Territorial Army. He was president of the Towarzystwo Pomocy Naukowej dla Młodzieży Prus Zachodnich/Society for Training Aid for Young West Prussian Males in Culm, an organisation that give grants to Polish students and school students in their final years in grammar school. He was a member of the Towarzystwo Naukowe w Toruniu/Scientific Society in Thorn, set up in 1875 by Zygmunt Działowski (Sigismund von Dzialowski, 1843-1878). The society promoted Polish science and culture and research into the Polish history of Thorn and erected a Museum for Polish Regional History in Thorn in 1881/82. In January 1912 he was elected as a member of the Polish parliamentary group in the German Reichstag for the constituency of Karthaus-Neustadt/Kartuzy-Wejherowo with a majority of 64.62%. He served on select committees for Reich club laws and the constitution. In 1919/20 he was the Voivode of Pommerellen, and from 1922 one of the presidents of the Najwyższy Trybunał Administracyjny/Supreme Admionistrative Court in Poland. In 1922 he was awarded the Officers Cross; and in 1923 the Cross of the Commander of the Order Polonia Restituta. picture: ca. 1915, Public Domain. Own writings: Der Eigenthumserwerb durch inaedificatio nach römischem und preußischem Recht, Dissertation Leipzig 1886.

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