Józef Brandt
With the opening of his Munich studio in 1875 Józef Brandt (1841-1915) became the leading figure in the Polish artists' colony in Munich.
Philips Galle (1537-1612): Joannes Alasco, 1567.
Johannes a Lasco
1499 in einer polnischen Magnatenfamilie geboren, ist Jan Łaski, mit lateinischem Namen Johannes a Lasco, für eine bedeutende politische und theologische Laufbahn vorherbestimmt.
Bernhard Kempa at the World Championship in Field Handball 1952
Bernhard Kempa
Every sport has its idols. Amongst handball fans Bernhard Kempa is considered to be the most important sportsman from Opole.
Zofia Odrobna, née Ogonowska (1917-1960)
Zofia Odrobna
After the Second World War Zofia Odrobna decided to work with the children of “displaced persons” and for many of them she was simultaneously a godmother and a mother. She had many interests, especially a passion for teaching young Polish DPs.
Monika Czosnowska
Monika Czosnowska
The photographer Monika Czosnowska (*1977 Szczecin/Stettin) lives in Berlin.
Adam Szymczyk und die documenta 14
Adam Szymczyk und die documenta 14
Adam Szymczyk ist der künstlerische Leiter der documenta 14 in Athen und Kassel 2017
Norbert Gawroński in Maczków an der Ems
Norbert Gawroński, der bekannte Amsterdamer Architekt, verbrachte zwei Jahre in Maczków an der Ems (19451947)
Aleksandra Sękowska, „Ola“
Aleksandra Sękowska, „Ola“ - vom Warschauer Aufstand 1944 nach Maczków
Stanisław and Helena Sierakowski. Polish patriots from Waplitz.
Stanisław and Helena Sierakowski
Stanisław Sierakowski is a commendable, interesting personality who has unjustly fallen into oblivion today.
Selmar Cerini as cantor of the New Synagogue of Breslau, ca. 1895
Selmar Cerini ca. 1895
as cantor of the New Synagogue of Breslau.