Głębocki, Józef (Joseph von Glebocki), 1893-1903 member of the 2nd Chamber of the Prussian Landtag, 1898-1903 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire. *19.3.1856 in Psarskie near Schrimm/Śrem; †27.11.1903, estate owner, editor. After completing his studies at the Maria-Magdalena grammar school in Poznan he studied history and geography for five years at the University of Breslau. After this he was a farmer on his estate at Czerlejno near Kostschin/Kostrzyn. In 1896 he was the interim chief editor of the Dziennik Posnański/Poznan newspaper for one year. In June 1898 he was elected as a member of the Polish parliamentary group in the German Reichstag for the constituency of Schroda-Schrimm/Środa Wielkopolska-Śrem with a majority of 78.9%; in June 1903 with the majority of 78.59%. He sat on the special committees for invalidity insurance and petitions.

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Axel Feuß, September 2016

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