This is where you can find information in plain language about Porta Polonica.

On this page we explain 

what Porta Polonica is.

We also explain 

what you can see on Porta Polonica’s website


1. What is Porta Polonica?

Porta Polonica collects stories and old objects 

about a subject.

The difficult word for this is: documentation centre.

Porta Polonica also holds exhibitions 

about the stories and the old objects.

You can see the exhibitions on the website.

This means:

Porta Polonica is a museum on the internet.

Porta Polonica is about people

who have come from the country of Poland to Germany.

In its exhibitions, Porta Polonica shows

why these people came to Germany.

Lots of people from other countries live in Germany.

A lot of people from Poland live in Germany.

Some people from Poland came to Germany a long time ago.

They came to Germany for better work, for example.

Or they wanted to go to school in Germany.

Some people from Poland had to come to Germany.

But these people did not want to.

It was like that in the war, for example.

Many people from Poland had to work

in Germany during the war.

They were forced to work.

That is called: forced labour.

After the war, many people fled from Poland 

to Germany.

This is because they wanted to live in Germany more than in Poland.

And today a lot of people still come to Germany from Poland.

Today we know:

For more than 300 years, lots of people have come to Germany from Poland. 

People in other countries have a different culture.

Culture is everything that people do or create.

For example:

    • painting a picture,

    • writing a poem,

    • dancing,

    • getting involved in the theatre,

    • making a film.

People from the country of Poland have a different culture.

They have made different films, for example.

Or they have written different books.

And they have a different language.

Porta Polonica shows the culture of people from the country of Poland 

who live in Germany.

It also shows

what the culture was like in the past.


2. What can you see on the Porta Polonica website?

On the website you can see different exhibitions  

about people from Poland.

You can see:

How people from Poland lived in Germany in the past.

And how people from Poland live in Germany today.

You can also read texts about famous people from Poland.

For example, texts about:

    • sportsmen and women from Poland,

    • artists from Poland,

    • actors and actresses from Poland.

There is also a map of Germany on the website.

You can see a lot of red dots on the map.

The dots show, for example:

    • a place where famous people from Poland have lived.

    • a place were people from Poland made culture in the past.

    • a place where you can see objects from people from Poland.

    • and a place where people from Poland are buried.

The difficult word for this map is:

Atlas of places of remembrance.

There is also a lot of information about people from Poland

who have made art or politics.

The information is in a dictionary

on the website.

The dictionary is called: Encyclopaedia.

This is pronounced:


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