Porta Polonica

The aims of the Documentation Centre for the Culture and History of the Poles in Germany are to research and document the traces and influences of Polish life in Germany and to make them visible on the internet via a homepage "Porta Polonica". At the same time the Documentation Centre sees itself as a forum for Poles living in Germany. They are a part of our culture of memory whom we intend to integrate actively in many different ways in the growth of the project and its networking.

The founding of the Documentation Centre goes back to a round table initiative on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the German-Polish Friendship Treaty in 2011. Following a decision made by the German parliament it receives financial help from the German government.

We are planning to set up the Porta Polonica in the highly symbolic "Polish House" in Bochum. The building (present-day address "Am Kortländer 6") has been the headquarters of the Union of Poles in Germany "Rodło" since 1922. It is part of a historic street section in the former Klosterstrasse. Around a century ago this was a vibrant centre of Polish life known well beyond the borders of Bochum. Even today the words "Bochumer Schmiede" (Bochum Forge) are understood as a synonym of a powerful Polonia organisation. The implementation of this plan depends on its financial viability:



Former Klosterstraße in Bochum,
1913 (today Am Kortländer)

Source: Porta Polonica



Today Am Kortländer in Bochum
(Former Klosterstraße)

Source: Porta Polonica