Neubauer, Antoni (Anton Neubauer), 1895-1903 member of the 2nd Chamber of the Prussian Landtag, 1898-1903 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire. *12.7.1842 Adlig Liebenau/Lignowy Szlacheckie near Pelplin, †14.1.1915 Pelplin, priest. After passing his A-levels at the grammar school in Culm/Chełmno he studied at the Archiepiscopal Theological College in Pelplin and the Royal Theological and Philosophical Academy in Münster, where he passed his examination as a licentiate in theology in 1867. He was ordained a priest in the same year. From 1869 onwards he was active in pastoral work and in 1872 he became a Prosynodal Examinator; in 1882 a canon, and finally until 1887, a spiritual professor and Subregens at the Archiepiscopal Theological college of the diocese of Culm in Pelplin. In June 1898 he was elected as a member of the Polish parliamentary group in the German Reichstag for the constituency of Berent-Preußisch Stargard-Dirschau/Kościerzyna-Starogard Gdański-Tczew with a majority of 65.22%.

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Online:, Parlamentarierportal, BIORAB Kaiserreich online

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