Nowicki, Stanisław

Stanisław Nowicki (1870-1948). Polish owner of a printing press, 1910-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire
Stanisław Nowicki (1870-1948). Polish owner of a printing press, 1910-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire

Nowicki, Stanisław (Stanislaw Nowicki), 1910-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire. * 6.4.1870 Stenschewo/Stęszew, †27.8.1948 Poznań, book printer, owner of a book press, son of a barrel maker. After attending state schools in Stenschewo and Poznan he completed a training course as a book printer. From 1886 onwards he worked in der Druckerei L. Rzepecki in Poznan, from 1891 in the printing house of the Zeitungsverlags Orędownik/The Advocate. In 1902 he co-founded the trades union Zjednoczenie Zawodowe Polskie/Polish Union of Professions that he chaired until 1908. From 1906 he worked as an editor on the Kurier Poznański/Poznan Courier. In 1908 he set up his own book printing press and stamp factory. In 1909 he became the chair of the crafts department of the Polish Union of Professions. In April 1910 he was elected as a member of the Polish parliamentary group in the German Reichstag for the constituency of Poznan-Stadt with a majority of 61.2%; and once again in January 1912 with a majority of 53.86%. He served on the select committees for domestic work, the exercise of religions, copyright law, phosphorus inflammable goods, invalid insurance and East African shipping routes. In November 1918 he was a member of the Workers and Soldiers Council and the regional parliament in Poznan. In 1919 he became a member of the Sejm. During the Second World War in Poznan, and after the end of the war he was employed by the local authority. picture: 1912.

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