Mithu M. Sanyal

Dr. Mithu Sanyal: writer, journalist, and cultural scientist.
Dr. Mithu Sanyal: writer, journalist, and cultural scientist.

Mithu Sanyal is currently working on her second novel. According to her, her readers can look forward to an exciting and complex adventure at the beginning of the 20th century in which time travel and a locked-room mystery play a part - a criminal case, which is actually impossible, in which the victim is abducted from a locked room although all the doors and windows are being watched by the police. But above all, its intention is to tackle the question of whether unarmed resistance is always better than armed resistance. On this point, Sanyal says, “In India, we always thought that we did it right and defeated the British with non-violent resistance alone. But it is not as simple as that because Great Britain would never have given India up had it not been for the very violent resistance.” 

Before this second novel, which is hungrily awaited by many, sees the light of day, Mithu Sanyal, who studied English and German literature, will have another book published on 6 October 2022 in the Kiwi series Bücher meines Lebens Mithu Sanyal über Emily Brontë.


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