Cichocki Nałęcz, Feliks

Portrait of a Boy in a Hat
Portrait of a Boy in a Hat, oil on canvas, Munich 1887, 26,2 x 19 cm

Cichocki Nałęcz, Feliks, Polish painter, member of the “Munich School”. 1885-88: student at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. *18.5.1861 Warsaw, †20.7.1921 ibid. 1880-84: studies in the Warsaw drawing class/Klasa Rysunkowa under Wojciech Gerson (1831-1901) and Aleksandr Kamiński (Alexander Kaminski, 1823-1886), 1884/85 at the Cracow Academy of Fine Arts /Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Krakowie under Leopold Löffler (1827-1898). On the 20.12.1885 he enrols in the nature class at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, studies under Johann Caspar Herterich (1843-1905) and Otto Seitz (1846-1912). 1888-89 he studies in Paris at the Académie Julian under William Adolphe Bouguereau (1825-1905) and Tony Robert-Fleury (1837-1911). From 1891 he lives in Warsaw and is a secondary school teacher there from 1898 onwards. Cichocki Nałęcz paints genre scenes and scenes of simple folk, in the 1990s mainly in villages in Podolia, as well as portraits. The smooth painting technique in his religious pictures, including murals for churches in the area around Pułtusk, is reminiscent of the classic academic style of someone like Bouguereau. His works can be found in the national museums in Cracow, Posen/Poznań and Warsaw, and in the National Gallery in Lviv.


Group exhibitions: Warsaw, Cracow, Wilna/Vilnius, Łódź

Further Reading: Halina Stępień/Maria Liczbińska: Artyści polscy w środowisku monachijskim w latach 1828-1914. Materiały źródłowe, Warsaw 1994, p. 15, 33; Saur Allgemeines Künstlerlexikon, vol. 19, Munich/Leipzig 1998, p. 165 f.

Online: Matriculation data base, Matriculation book 3, Academy of Fine Arts Munich, 00230 Felix von Cichocki,


Axel Feuß, March 2017

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  • Portrait of a Boy in a Hat

    Portrait of a Boy in a Hat, oil on canvas, Munich 1887, 26,2 x 19 cm