Dombek, Paweł

Paweł Dombek (1865-1925). Polish journalist, 1912-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire
Paweł Dombek (1865-1925). Polish journalist, 1912-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire

Dombek, Paweł (Paul Dombek), 1912-18 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire. *15.8.1865 Bytom (or Roßberg/Rozbark), †from 10. to 11.10.1925 Krakow, trainee miner, journalist, editor-in-charge of a newspaper, share owner in a publishing company. Son of a master shoemaker. After attending the grammar school in Bytom (1877-85) he worked for one year and three months as a trainee miner in the Neue-Helene pit in Scharley/Szarlej. Subsequently he worked as a journalist and local editor on the Generalanzeiger für Schlesien und Poznan in Ratibor and the Oberschlesische Grenzzeitung in Bytom; from 1st January 1896 on the newspaper Katolik and other daily newspapers published by the same publishing house. From 1896 onwards he was the chair of the Polish Verein oberschlesischer Gewerbetreibender in Bytom. From 1899, a shareholder in the Katolik-Verlagsgesellschaft. He was an active supporter of the Organisation of Mining and Steel Mill Workers, especially in social matters on which he wrote many articles and essays in Katolik and other Polish newspapers. He was involved in thirty professional and political trials and condemned to four weeks jail for refusing to give witness. In January 1912 he was elected as a member of the Polish parliamentary group in the German Reichstag for the constituency of Bytom-Königshütte-Tarnowitz /Bytom-Chorzów -Tarnowskie Góry with a majority of 57.23%. He was a member of several select committees, including those for trade and industry, trading contracts and trading monopolies. In 1916 he moved to Lissa/Leszno, where he took over the editorship of the newspaper Kraj/Das Land and became Lord Mayor in 1920. From May to July 1919 he was interned by the German authorities for being a member of the Polish People’s Council. In 1919-22 he was a member of the Sejm. From 1922 onwards he lived in Chorzów/Königshütte, where he was deputy Lord Mayor and (from 1924) town president. picture: 1912.

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