Sierakowski, Adam hrabia (Adam Graf von Sierakowski, Adam von Sierakowski, Adam Graf-Comte Sierakowski), 1877-81 member of the Reichstag of the German Empire. *21.2.1846 Groß-Waplitz/Waplewo Wielkie near Altmark in West Prussia/Stary Targ, †12.3.1912 ibid., lord of the manor, lawyer, traveller, head official, publicist. After passing his A-levels at the 1863 at the Maria-Magdalena grammar school in Poznan he studied law at the universities in Berlin, Heidelberg and Bonn. In 1867 he was made a Doctor of Law, after which he did a practical year at the district court in Teltow near Berlin. Subsequently he worked on the family estate at Waplitz/Waplewo, which he took over officially in 1876. Furthermore he owned property in Ramten/Ramoty and Schönwiese/Krasna Łąka in the district of Stuhm/Sztum. In 1868 he travelled with his cousin Zygmunt Działowski (Sigismund von Dzialowski, 1843-1878) to Algiers; in 1872/73 to East India and the island of Java. He was a regional deputy, a district Member of Parliament and head official in the district of Stuhm. From 1875 onwards he helped set up the Towarzystwo Naukowe w Toruniu/Scientific Society in Thorn – it was founded by Działowski – that was devoted to promoting Polish science and culture and to researching the Polish history of Thorn. In 1881/82 it built a Museum of Polish Regional History in Thorn. He was a member and secretary of the historical and archaeological department, and Deputy-President of the society from 1886 to1892. In January 1877 and in July 1878 he was elected as a member of the Polish parliamentary group in the German Reichstag for the constituency of Berent-Preußisch Stargard-Dirschau/Kościerzyna-Starogard Gdański-Tczew with majorities of 71.3% and 67.64% respectively. Own writings: De singulari nobilitatis in occidentali Prussia hereditario jure, Dissertation Berlin 1867; Das Schaūï. Ein Beitrag zur berberischen Sprachen- und Völkerkunde, Dresden 1871; Listy z podróży, 4 Bände, Warsaw 1913/14.

Further reading:

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