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Karol Broniatowski – Im Moment

The sculptor Karol Broniatowski

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The sculptor Karol Broniatowski
The sculptor Karol Broniatowski

From 29 June 2018 to 5 November 2018, the “Im Moment” exhibition in the Kunsthaus Dahlem art gallery in Berlin had on display bronze sculptures and large-format gouaches that had been created by the sculptor Karol Broniatowski (*1945, Łódź) over the last few years.

The oeuvre of the Polish-German artist is characterized by figures captured in motion or ephemeral moments which show a clear conceptual approach to the subject of sculpture. His work groups on classic sculptural themes, such as “counterpoise” and “weapon carrier”, begin with a spontaneous moment, are then worked on some more and steered into different situations. Broniatowski’s procedural thinking manifests itself in the sculptural removal, trimming and detachment. He successively unravels the external form in order to refine the internal message which becomes more clearly tangible the further the figure is removed from its original form. The imaginary transition from internal to external is what interests Broniatowski in his artistic work.

In this sense, the gouaches can be read as sculptural works. Executed as monotypes, Broniatowski understands them as moments of sculptures left behind, as sculpting on paper. Broniatowski uses clay sculptures as tools which the printing process can bring to paper quickly and precisely. Here too, what is crucial to the artist is the process.

In the exhibitions, the bronze works from the last few years were contrasted with the very independent complex of his large-format gouaches. 


More information on the exhibition can be found at: (accessed on: 30/11/2018)